Photo shoots

Our photo shoots are a fabulous chance for you to get a stunning photo of your baby enjoying the water!
We usually have a photo shoot at one of our venues in North or West Yorkshire every 4 months, so you never have to wait too long. However, your baby must have attended at least 1 term with Baby Swimmers and be happy underwater for 3-4 seconds before taking part in one of our underwater photo shoots – your teacher will let you know if they feel your baby is ready.
As well as individual photos of your baby underwater, you can choose to get a family photo if you prefer (as long as you’re happy to go under the water, too!), as well as photos of your baby enjoying playing on top of the water.

What happens at a photo shoot?

The photo shoot is very different to a normal class. We have toys in the water to play with to get your baby nice and relaxed, but please remember to use your cue and put water over their heads and faces in preparation for them going underwater.
Our photographer will aim to take up to 8 photos of your baby (as long as they’re happy and comfortable in the water).

How much does the photo shoot cost?

The cost to attend the photo shoot is just £35. You’ll receive your proofs via email within 14 days of the photo shoot, and will then be able to buy your photos direct from our photographer. We’re sure there’ll be at least one photo you’ll love!

When is the next photo shoot?

The next photo shoot will be on Saturday 6th June at Cookridge Hall, Leeds, Leeds LS16 7NL, from 2.30pm. Please ask your teacher for more information, or alternatively contact the office to book your place.
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