Baby & Pre-School

Classes for babies

Our swimming classes for babies follow the Starfish Awards, so your little one will gain water confidence and build a foundation to swim unaided in the future.
They’ll play games and sing songs which are skill-related, and also learn vital water safety skills such as swimming back to the side, holding on and, when they’re strong enough, climbing out.
We’ll use simple actions accompanied by familiar nursery rhymes, such as ‘Humpty Dumpty’, where your baby will sit on the wall then lean forward to splash into the water, turn around and hold on. By repetitively using the cue ‘hold on’ when doing this activity, your baby will learn to do just that - and before you know it, they’ll be holding on to the side all by themselves!

Classes for toddlers & pre-schoolers

For toddlers & pre-schoolers, our swim classes follow the STA Stanley Awards and focus on floating, learning to tread water, rolling, push and glides, diving for sinkers, and more.
They’ll still enjoy singing songs and having fun with games, and they’ll also start to learn the basic strokes; as well as continuing with water safety skills and learning to hold on, turn, then push off the side to swim to you independently.
Every child is individual and will learn and achieve their own goals in their own time, just as they do with other milestones, such as crawling or walking. Which is why it’s important to be patient and not rush them.
The key to a happy water-confident child is lots of repetition and bags of fun. By enjoying your lessons and allowing your little one to learn at their own pace, you’ll be rewarded with watching them develop into a fantastic little swimmer!
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Are the exits to the pool free from obstruction?
Are changing facilities clean and safe?
Is the pool temperature within guidelines?
Is the water clear and clean?
Is the emergency phone working?
Are rescue aids in position and in good condition?
Is the lighting working?
Is the swimming equipment clean?
Has teacher/parents/children confirmed they are in good health and symptom free?
Is hand sanitiser/soap and water available for teachers, parents and swimmers?
Have touch points been sanitised before and after each class?
Is COVID-19 Signage and distance markers in place?
Is equipment being cleaned in the water after each class?