Swimming lessons

All our swimming lessons – whether for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers or older children – follow the STA Swim Star Swim School Programme, which means you have the reassurance of knowing that we work to the highest industry standards.

Swimming lessons for babies & pre-schoolers

We’ll introduce your baby to the water gently, where they’ll learn basic water skills as well as increase their water confidence.
Through fun and games we’ll progressively develop your baby’s natural reflexes to encourage voluntary swimming movements in the water, which will eventually lead to them swimming unaided in the future.
Once your baby reaches toddlerhood, they’ll start to learn the basic swim strokes, as well as continue with those all-important water safety skills.
Each term, as your child gently progress through the programme, the activities that they do will each build on those from the previous term in small steps. Sometimes you don’t realise just how much progress your baby has made until you look back over the year and see what they’ve managed to achieve (which is why we give each swimmer a Record of Achievement when they start with Baby Swimmers)!
You’ll be amazed to watch your little one grow in confidence and ability as they progress from splashing around, reaching for toys and having fun; to holding on and turning to swim to you, then jumping into the water all by themselves.

Swimming lessons for older children & adults

For older children, teens and adults we have our Swimmers Academy classes, where swimmers will develop their stamina and focus on their technique for all strokes, as well as learn lifesaving skills.

One-to-one sessions

For those who prefer a more tailored approach, or where group sessions aren’t appropriate, we also offer one-to-one swimming lessons for both children and adults.
These will be personalised according to the individual needs of you or your child, and will help towards faster progressions, learning or improving a particular stroke technique, or overcoming a fear of water.
They’re also an ideal way to get children started with swimming, or for giving them a bit of a confidence boost.
Just like our award-winning group swimming lessons, our one-to-one sessions follow the STA award programme.
Find your nearest class and come swimming, be safe and have fun!
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Are the exits to the pool free from obstruction?
Are changing facilities clean and safe?
Is the pool temperature within guidelines?
Is the water clear and clean?
Is the emergency phone working?
Are rescue aids in position and in good condition?
Is the lighting working?
Is the swimming equipment clean?
Has teacher/parents/children confirmed they are in good health and symptom free?
Is hand sanitiser/soap and water available for teachers, parents and swimmers?
Have touch points been sanitised before and after each class?
Is COVID-19 Signage and distance markers in place?
Is equipment being cleaned in the water after each class?