What our parents say

  Kate, mum of Benji at our Hilton classes. Thankyou so much and we want to say how nice our teacher is, benji > knows where we are going when I pick up the swim bag and he > practically runs in to the building when we get there, haha. She's doing a really good job!!
  Kate, mum of Alice at our New Earswick Pool. Can I just say how amazing baby swimmers is and how excited Alice is each week to come to the classes. Jane is so lovely and the class is so well done. Alice is so confident and I can see how much shes growing in such little time! This was only her 4th week and already shes holding onto the sides and moving herself along and loves been under water and is so confident. Thank you so much!
  Kally, mum of Zara. I just wanted to say thank you so much, baby swimmers has been incredible and Zara and I have loved every single session that we took part in.
  Jo, mum of Isaac . We have loved our time at babyswimmers and I watched Isaacs confident grow in the water every week. Thanks to Becky for being a fantastic swimming teacher.
  Victoria and Aaron, mum and dad to George and Scarlett. George and Scarlett are absolutely loving being back in the pool the classes are really great and Jane is just brilliant. We’re really impressed and grateful to you all so thank you.
  Maria mum of Rosa and Aart. I feel very fortunate that Rosa and Aart have benefitted from lessons with Heidi. I am confident that because of those lessons they have a solid foundation in swimming. Rosa in particular loves being in water and is a strong swimmer. She even felt confident enough to take surf lessons last summer. Aart started off terrified of water and the idea of swimming, but, through Heidi's careful encouragement and creative teaching has come along further than I had ever expected.
  Chris dad of Joshua from our Temple Moor classes, Leeds. I wish to thank you and your team as Joshua has learnt a lot, and developed immensely whilst attending classes, and a huge thanks to Lucy who was his first teacher, as he took to her brilliantly and always enjoyed attending. I wish you all the best for the future, and hope you get back to the pools sooner rather than later. Many Thanks, and hope every one stays safe.
  Jenny mum of Ellie from Stamford Bridge Pool. I think the measures you have put in place are excellent. Well done! It's obvious that you, Heidi and Debbie have put a lot of thought into it. Thanks
  Claire, mum of Autumn from our Stamford Bridge pool. Autumn is really enjoying swimming again. Which is lovely! It is also nice to see her stamina and skills slowly returning after so long away. We both feel happy, and as safe as can be in these times. I think it actually works better having more seats for adults to sit on... all very organised and calm. Heidi is great too! I hope you are well and all going well for you.
  Kate mum of Aaron from Forum classes, Leeds. Just wanted to say thanks to you and Kayleigh for making this morning so organised and safe. Aaron loved being back in Water.
  Becca mum of Finn and Austin at Pocklington Pool. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for swimming tonight. It was so lovely to get the boys back swimming. It must have been a logistical nightmare for you and I’m sure you’ve had lots of sleepless nights! Please pass on my thanks to Debbie and Heidi too! It was really well organised and felt really safe! Thanks
  Alice, mum of Zak and Sophia from Hilton classes, Leeds. I just wanted to say what a fabulous job you did yesterday. I was very impressed at how organised you were and all the steps you had taken to ensure we were covid safe. We thoroughly enjoyed being back at swimming again. Thank you so much for your hard work to enable this to happen
  Mum of Amelia from our Hilton classes, Leeds. We love baby swimmers and Amelia and I have throughly enjoyed our time with you and Becky you have been amazing and made learning to swim so fun and safe for amelia that she loves water and can't wait to get into a pool or even the bath!! You have the patience of a saint and we can't thank you enough for the life saving skills you have taught my daughter and also the skills you have taught me for helping her swim.
  Anne-Marie mum of Jack from our Forum classes, Leeds. Thank you so much for supporting me to get jack swimming again. He squealed with delight when he got in the water, and cried a lot when we left. ( can’t have it all!) Alison was great and very welcoming. I was impressed with the forum, and the video really helped Thanks so much, please pass a hello onto Kayleigh. We miss her a lot.
  Sam, dad of Benji from our Hilton classes, Leeds. Becky and team were brilliant today! It’s the first day back after the break and the new setup due to Covid restrictions. First thing to say is the video for the Hilton was super useful. Second thing to say was the team were so professional and I don’t think I’ve had such a stress free swim!! With the changing rooms separated out to only three people maximum and we now get the full use of the pool the lessons, despite different are fantastic and both Benji and I are really glad to get our weekend swimming routine back. Thanks Becky and to anyone hesitating don’t!! Get back in the water and love the extra space.
  Elizabeth, mum of Alys and Betsi, Hilton, Leeds. I am just emailing to say how incredibly impressed I was today. We have been with another provider for the past two years and have been plodding along. The lesson today was so much better. The organisation was great and you were so good with the kids. I was really impressed with your instruction and rapport with the kids. The measures in place to keep us safe were so well thought out. Both my girls said they loved the lessons. We couldn’t be happier we made the change.
  Adult one to one class. I am a 68-year-old woman who was absolutely petrified of the water. I first learnt to swim when I was in my late 30's. I had just done my 25 meters and went to the baths with my daughter who was about 10. I swam to the deep end with her and some idiot jumped on top of me and dragged me to the bottom of the pool. At that point, I completely lost my confidence and was so scared I wouldn't go to the baths again or get into a pool no matter how much people tried to persuade me. My baby granddaughter Ava started lessons earlier this year with Baby Swimmers and I went and watched her every week. I was really impressed with the pool at Halton Moor. There are steps to get into the pool and not a ladder which gives easy access into the pool and you can take your time. I had a word with Donna, the teacher, about lessons for myself and I got the courage to start lessons. I must admit I was scared of the water but Donna encouraged me gently and gave me some confidence to get in. I used a 'super noodle' to start with on my first lesson and started with the back stroke, second lesson I got rid of the 'super noodle' and managed to do 10m metres unaided. All the time Donna is in the water with me and encouraging me. The third lesson I did pretty much the same trying to gain my confidence. Initially, I said I would try 5 lessons to see if I could gain my confidence in the water. I am getting there slowly and I have only had 3 lessons but I am so pleased I have started the swimming lessons and will be booking some more once these sessions have finished. I know I can do backstroke now, just need to learn how to stop and want to learn how to do breaststroke next. I know I am only in the shallow pool but at least I am trying and getting my confidence slowly but surely and when I have more confidence I can move to deeper water. I wish I had done swimming lessons years ago. I have missed out on so much with my daughters and grandchildren, and especially holidays. But as they say 'better late than never'. Donna is great and I couldn't have done it without her help. Thank you so much for your patience.
  Amanda, mum of Xander at Forum, Leeds. Our baby boy Xander has been having swimming lessons with Lucy at baby swimmers from 7 weeks old and 3days ago it was his first birthday . We really enjoy the lessons and Lucy is a fantastic teacher she is really friendly and Xander doesn’t stop smiling in class . The classes are fun and varied . Lucy is great at explaining everything . We took xander away for his birthday and it was the first time we had taken him swimming outside of our lessons . I realised how much we had both learnt , xander was so happy and confident in the water and he automatically did things he has learnt like grabbing for the side. I felt confident handling him in the water and we used the songs and activities we had learnt. Swimming lessons have been so valuable to both of us and I really see so many benefits from our lessons over the last year. It has been a lovely way to spend time together and my favourite of all the baby classes we have tried also I can see how much he has learnt and how much he enjoys swimming he is a real water baby
  Hayley. We have just swapped from a very well-known swim provider after 2.5 years, having lessons with them since my daughter was nearly 1. She kept swinging between patches of losing her confidence to becoming a bit bored and not making any progress, and we felt like we almost had to bribe her to keep trying in her lessons; not really ideal! Despite this, I was worried about how she would transition to a different class, different pool, different teacher, slightly different ways of doing things. I shouldn’t have worried: Baby Swimmers fit her in just before the summer so she could get used to her new teacher, Becky, and some of the differences in how things work. Within 3 weeks of this new term, she is so comfortable with the routine of class, she isn’t scared to just have a go and she has finally cracked the skill she was totally stuck on in her previous lessons, thanks to Becky’s skilful teaching and understanding of how to develop the children. Best of all, she doesn’t need be constantly encouraged to keep trying anymore. She’s challenged, but supported. Becky is full of life and the kids adore her - just what you want as a parent! I’m sorry we didn’t move her earlier. My baby has just started in another class for the first time, also with Becky, and he absolutely loves it. I actually look forward to lessons again too. What’s not to like! :D
  Shaukat dad of Maya and Zara. We have decided not to rebook swimming lessons for Zara and Maya. Both have reached the stage where they are both confident swimmers and are comfortable in the water. Zara and Maya have had seven great years with you. Thank you for your efforts in teaching them to swim. We would particularly like to thank Kayleigh for all her hard work.
  Heather, mum of Marlee from Roko classes. It is actually a sad moment for me as I have thoroughly enjoyed attending baby swimmers both with my older son Coen (now 3 and a half) and youngest Marlee. It has been something I look forward to every week. Jane was the swimming teacher for both of my children and I would like to take this opportunity to say how amazing she has been. She is so lovely with the children and it’s been a real pleasure. I hope our next swimming teacher down under will match up!
  Zoe, mum of Riley and Charlie from Pocklington School. We have been coming to Baby swimmers for 9 years combined (2 children!). Baby swimmers has been fantastic in helping both our sons learn to swim, be confident in the water and to also be safe. Friendly, fun classes run by professional instructors. One of our sons is Epileptic, this wasn’t a problem for the Baby Swimmers team who helped our boy continue swimming in a safe environment for him. Special thanks to Heidi, Debbie and Tracie! Zoe Cooper- mum of Riley & Charlie
  Julia, mum of Lara swimming with us for 9 years. I just wanted to let you know that I’m not going to re-book for Lara after this term has ended. Your team (in particular Heidi) has taught her to swim so well and she is now swimming with Pock Dolphins 3 x a week and competitions in weekend galas, plus swim squad at school. She has continued the lessons with Heidi this current term just because she loves them so much, it’s just a lot to fit it in now. So a massive success story but a little bit sad after all this years. Hugo will continue with his lessons and hopefully he will also be swimming as well as Lara in a few years. >> >> Many thanks to you and all the team.
  Gemma, mum of Jensen from your Penny Fields class. I first started taking my son to swimming classes at 6 weeks old. The first class was terrifying for me as a first time mum but after getting in the pool for the first time with our instructor we realised it wasn't as scary as first thought. Our son was so small but even from the very first class he seemed to enjoy the lessons. Our instructor, took things at a steady pace. Talking through everything we was doing and immediately putting me at ease about being in the water. My son is now six months old and enjoys the lessons so much I couldn't imagine him not doing them anymore. From the second we get there his face lights up, once in the changing rooms he always starts smiling and the smile never leaves his face the whole lesson. Once in the water he starts moving his arms and splashing everyone and everything in his path. He has no fear of going under the water. I have had the opportunity to see him underwater and find it strange to say he still has a smile on his face! Taking a child swimming so young may seem incredibly daunting but i can guarantee the lessons are very much worth it.
  Niki, mum of Rupert from our Bradford class. There's a few swimming providers in Leeds but I chose baby swimmers because they were a good price, looked professional and Tracie was good at replying to my messages (neurotic mothers catered for!) I wondered if swimming classes for my 7 month old boy was a bit extravagant but now we are on our second course I'm glad we took the plunge!! I'm amazed at how quickly he's picked up the skills; he can hold on to the edge on the pool, and Kick his legs to get to the toys. And all the babies are now pros at underwater swimming! The teachers are great and really understanding of each babies needs. My boy suddenly started to cry when I blow bubbles in the water but Clare was very quick to find another task he was happy with, this usually ends up chomping on a rubber duck! Our favourite exercise is siting him on the edge of the pool and waiting for him to jump to me. His big smile, his splash into the water, and into my arms for a big cuddle. Priceless! I really don't think you'll be disappointed if you chose Baby Swimmers!
  Claire. mum of James from our Pocklington class. . From his very first bath, it was clear our son James had a natural love of water. Sitting in his baby bath, he would become animated and demonstrated a natural reflex for kicking and splashing about. But taking James to our local public swimming pool didn’t go to plan - he became clingy, easily distracted by other swimmers and disliked armbands with a passion. We were apprehensive at starting swimming lessons with James, but within just a few weeks we could see a big difference. Baby Swimmers encourages natural water movements in children, so we didn’t have the battle with buoyancy aids, and James has become content and confident in the water. Now he jumps into the water by himself, resurfaces and then holds on to the side before swimming towards his Daddy. Lessons are stimulating, while relaxed, so if James doesn’t feel like floating on his back or refuses to go under water, there’s no pressure. Instead, swimming sessions feel like they are more about making our child feel comfortable in the water than achieving a grade. James is a quiet, often reserved toddler, who prefers solitary activities, yet in the water he’s so happy and, more importantly, having fun.
  Samantha Gill, Fund Raising for Tommy's. When I applied for the London Marathon, it wasn't the running but the fundraising that scared me! Tommys exists to fund research into the causes and prevention of premature birth, stillbirth and miscarriage, affecting 1 in 4 women and one of them being my best friend. I will take part in the marathon 2014 in her daughters memory. When I approached Tracie Margo, the director of 'Babyswimmers' and she agreed to hold a sponsored session for a group of my friends and their babies, I was overwhelmed. Not only did we raise an astounding £1159 but our babies ranging from 13 weeks to 3 years old, enjoyed movement to song, splashing around, jumping in from the poolside and sitting three abreast on a float, being wobbly jellies - no armbands!!! Tracie also generously donated 5 complimentary 'Babyswim' lessons to the duo who raised the most sponsorship. I can't thank her enough. The morning was a huge success and great fun!
  Sarah mum of Robert. It was with some trepidation that I approached my son’s first swimming lesson – he was only three months old after all, and we were still getting to grips with the basics of our day to day routine, let alone immersion in a pool. I remember staring down at him on the change mat in his slightly over-sized neoprene trunks, after grappling with getting these and a swim nappy on him, and wondering how we were going to ever going to do this quickly each week, let alone then teach him how to swim. Now, five months on and halfway through our second term with Baby Swimmers, we’re pros! It has been a great introduction to the water for my son, and also brilliant for us parents, making sure that we are safe and reassuring us if nervous or over-cautious. Seeing my baby going from being slightly anxious about going into the water (he hated his baths before starting the classes) to laughing and splashingabout, grabbing and clutching swim toys, happily going underwater and holding onto the side of the pool has been an amazing experience. Our teacher has been patient and gentle with the little ones, always alternating new experiences, such as submersions, with fun songs and actions (an off-key rendition of ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ whilst dipping him in and out of the water always seems to set off my son’s giggles). Swimming is an important life skill and I am very happy that my son is being safely introduced to water in a fun way.
  Maria mum of Rosa. Thought I'd mention that Rosa's swimming has improved so much since starting your classes. She recently started swimming again at school and they are amazed by her improvement. She went up two groups!
  Graeme dad of Lucas - Forum. We’re more than happy with the teaching Lucas has had at Baby Swimmers. He’s made great progress through just the right balance of fun and learning and has developed a love of water that will prove a source of enjoyment for years to come
  Michaela mum of Imogen. Thank you for the update on Imogen's swimming. We're really pleased with her progress. And a big thank you to her teacher who is always so patient and enthusiastic!
  Michala mum of Amelia and Imogen. Thank you for the award update. I'm really pleased with the progress that both Imogen and Amelia are making and they're really enjoying the lessons and the sense of achievement that comes with the certificates
  Jignesh, dad of Jeeev and Meera. Both the kids are missing something really special. Hope to come back. Please convey our thanks and regard to Rebecca
  Kristy, mum of Darcy. today was unfortunately our last lesson (sad as well as we missed the previous two lessons as Darcy had a cold) as it's half term next week then I go back to work the week after. I just wanted to say how great I think Gavin is, he is always enthusiastic and happy, he has a great manner with the babies and remembers each one individually and their progress. Darcy has come on really well with her swimming and has enjoyed every lesson as have I. Gavin is a credit to your company and I would be grateful if you could pass on my sentiments.
  Pankaj, mum to Leela. We have been really happy with Babyswimmers though and want to thank you and the team for giving our daughter a great start through swimming. Thanks particularly to Becca who we will miss.
  Donna, mum of Henry. Just to let you know we think Babyswimmers far out shines the other swimming classes available for flexibility, times, content and enjoyment! Some of my friends have been using other well known schools for longer than Henry and they aren't having as much fun or doing as much in the way of development! Thank you for making what at first seems so daunting, so enjoyable!
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