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Baby Swimmers has been established by Tracie Margo, who after attending similar classes found them so beneficial and enjoyable, she decided to concentrate on setting up her own classes for others to enjoy.
Tracie started teaching children swimming in America in 1989, then went on to work in Finance having attained a BA Hons.
Tracie is an ASA Swimming Teacher & STA Baby and Pre-School Swimming Teacher and holds her life saving qualification with the STA.
Baby Swimmers is looking for experienced baby swimming instructors, so if you would like to work for us please contact us to discuss further.

Welcome to Baby Swimmers

Babies are born with a natural reflex to move their arms and legs in water and through singing, fun and games we progressively develop these natural reflexes to encourage voluntary swimming movements in the water which will build a foundation for your baby to swim unaided.
Babies can start at Baby Swimmers as soon as you and baby are ready and happy to do so and what a fantastic opportunity for you both to enjoy your first introduction to water together. You will see your baby start with splashing around, reaching for toys and having fun, which will soon lead to them holding on and turning to swim to you, then jumping into the water all by themselves.
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We play games and sing songs which are skill related for water confidence and safety as well as being rewarding and fun for both of you. Every baby is individual and will learn and achieve their own goals in their own time, just as they do with crawling or walking. It is so important to be patient and not rush your baby. By allowing your baby to learn at their own pace, you will see a happy and water confident child.
Each term as you gently progress through your Starfish Awards you will be doing similar activities building on from your previous term in small steps. We try and incorporate the same nursery rhymes throughout all awards so babies are familiar with them and the activity associated with it. It is not really until you look back over the year that you realise just how far your babies have come.
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General information

Baby Swimmers runs classes in line with the school term in your area. Classes are £10 per class, paid termly in advance.
Through fun and games we progressively develop your babies natural reflexes to encourage voluntary swimming movements in the water which will build a foundation for your baby to swim unaided in the future.
We introduce your baby to the water gently, learning basic water skills and increasing water confidence.
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