General information


Baby Swimmers runs classes in line with the school term in your area, running throughout the year with the aim of enjoying yourselves. Through fun and games we progressively develop your babies natural reflexes to encourage voluntary swimming movements in the water which will build a foundation for your baby to swim unaided in the future. We introduce your baby to the water gently, learning basic water skills and increasing water confidence.


Your place will be automatically rebooked for the new term and payment taken on a specified date, unless an email or phone call is received within the required time to confirm you no longer require a place. (normally 3 weeks before the end of each term).

What to bring

NAPPIES: Please ensure your baby wears 2 snugly fitting swimming nappies. You can use either 2 disposable nappies or 1 disposable with a nappy cover or Velcro or tie-up nappy on top. This is to help guard against any accidents which may contaminate the pool.
CHANGING MATS: Please bring a changing mat with you and change babies on the floor for their safety.
Disposable nappies can be purchased at Baby Swimmers at a cost of £1.00 each.

Health and safety

Please leave at least one hour after feeding young babies and 2 hours if your little one is eating solids.
ILLNESS: If your baby is unwell and suffering from a severe cold, chest infection, ear infection or diarrhoea, they should not be brought swimming. If you are unsure as to whether they are well enough to swim, please consult your doctor.
IMMUNISATIONS: It is not necessary for your baby to have had all injections before starting swimming, however if you are unsure as to whether or not you want your baby to start swimming because of this, please discuss it further with your doctor or health visitor.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography is not allowed for child protection purposes. Please keep phones away during your class.

Changing rooms

As most of the pools we use are within schools and leisure clubs, the changing facilities may be limited and quite small and usually without changing tables. For safety, please change your babies on a changing mat on the floor and bear in mind that there is limited space for parents coming into the changing rooms after you.
Hopefully the enjoyment of the classes and warm pools will make up for the changing facilities. Please use the lockers provided. At the Forum you will need £5 deposit for your key and will require £1 at other venues. Please note there are no lockers at any of the school pools, so please do not bring any valuables with you.


Please check the venue information for the class you are attending for parking details.
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