Our swimming lessons

We play games and sing songs which are skill related for water confidence and safety as well as being rewarding and fun for both of you.
Every baby is individual and will learn and achieve their own goals in their own time, just as they do with crawling or walking. It is so important to be patient and not rush your baby. By allowing your baby to learn at their own pace, you will see a happy and water confident child.
Each term as you gently progress through your Starfish Awards you will be doing similar activities building on from your previous term in small steps. We try and incorporate the same nursery rhymes throughout all awards so babies are familiar with them and the activity associated with it. It is not really until you look back over the year that you realise just how far your babies have come.
Starfish classes are at 3 levels Beginners, which is SF1 and SF2, Intermediate with Starfish 3 and 4 and Advanced with Starfish 5 and 6. Most classes have a mix of Starfish levels in them and there should not be any concern if you are in a class with other starfish levels, whether they are lower or higher as each baby is taught individually and to their own ability in class. This should not effect your baby's progress or hinder what your baby can achieve.
Remember the key to a water confident baby is lots of repetition and having fun, so relax and enjoy your classes and with time and patience see your babies develop into little swimmers.
The water temperature is kept warm and is at least 30°C to enhance you and your baby's water experience, however please note the pool temperature at some venues is 29°C, a Warm in One or Baby Snug Wetsuit must therefore be used for these classes. We would recommend one of our hydro pools for babies under 6 months old.
Once your baby has completed one term, you will have the opportunity to have your baby photographed swimming underwater, and what a delightful keepsake! The cost for this is presently £35 with an additional cost for the photos.
Each session lasts either 25 or 30 minutes and can be booked termly and paid in advance at a cost of £10.00 per class. If after attending your first term, you are unable to commit to a full term, you can pay our ad hoc rate of £12 per class.
You can pay our ad hoc rate of £12 per class however these classes must be consecutive and specified when rebooking.

Group discounts

10% discount for a group booking of 5 or more babies for the first term only. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Recommend a friend

If you already attend Baby Swimmers classes and recommend a friend you will be rewarded with 1 free class credit to the following term, when they sign up for their first course. There is no limit to the number of friends you can recommend!

Sibling discounts

There is a sibling discount of 5% per child when you have 2 children attending our classes. There will be a 10% discount per child for your 3rd and 4th child. Please note payments are made in advance, per term. If you are unable to attend for any reason, your payment is non refundable, non transferable and cannot be carried over to a new term. We run an automatic rebooking system, so you do not have to worry about when you should rebook. You will receive reminders of this, so you have plenty of time to tell us if you no longer wish to continue with your classes.

Swimmers academy

Children can start with Swimmers Academy from 4 years old. Some children have come through the Baby Swimmers programme, however others have joined without any prior swimming experience, we just think it is important to get children in the water and confident as soon as possible and therefore teach whatever your child’s age or ability from beginners through to advanced swimmers.
Once children are confident in the water we focus on stroke technique, stamina and survival skills, following the STA Structured Awards Programme. Children will start with the Stanley Awards which have 8 in the series, with the aim of progressing and achieving one award every one or two terms. Once these have been achieved children will move onto the more advanced Goldfish, Angel Fish and Shark series all the way through to Gold Advanced Swimmer and then on to our Lifesaving Awards.



Baby Swimmers runs classes in line with the school term in your area, running throughout the year with the aim of enjoying yourselves. Through fun and games we progressively develop your babies natural reflexes to encourage voluntary swimming movements in the water which will build a foundation for your baby to swim unaided in the future. We introduce your baby to the water gently, learning basic water skills and increasing water confidence.


Your place will be automatically rebooked for the new term and payment taken on a specified date, unless an email or phone call is received within the required time to confirm you no longer require a place. (normally 3 weeks before the end of each term).

What to bring

NAPPIES: Please ensure your baby wears 2 snugly fitting swimming nappies. You can use 1 disposable swim nappy with either a Happy Nappy or Velcro Swim Nappy on top. This is to help guard against any accidents which may contaminate the pool. Please have a look at our online shop.
CHANGING MATS: Please bring a changing mat with you and change babies on the floor for their safety.
Disposable nappies can be purchased at Baby Swimmers at a cost of £1.00 each.

Health and safety

Please leave at least one hour after feeding young babies and 2 hours if your little one is eating solids.
ILLNESS: If your baby is unwell and suffering from a severe cold, chest infection, ear infection or diarrhoea, they should not be brought swimming. If you are unsure as to whether they are well enough to swim, please consult your doctor.
IMMUNISATIONS: It is not necessary for your baby to have had all injections before starting swimming, however if you are unsure as to whether or not you want your baby to start swimming because of this, please discuss it further with your doctor or health visitor.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography is not allowed for child protection purposes. Please keep phones away during your class.

Changing rooms

As most of the pools we use are within schools and leisure clubs, the changing facilities may be limited and quite small and usually without changing tables. For safety, please change your babies on a changing mat on the floor and bear in mind that there is limited space for parents coming into the changing rooms after you.
Hopefully the enjoyment of the classes and warm pools will make up for the changing facilities. Please use the lockers provided. At the Forum you will need £5 deposit for your key and will require £1 at other venues. Please note there are no lockers at any of the school pools, so please do not bring any valuables with you.


Please check the venue information for the class you are attending for parking details.

Award programmes

Baby Swimmers uses Starfish, the official water safety programme for babies through the STA.
There are 6 Starfish Awards throughout the series with the aim of completing one award per term, after which you will receive a sticker for your achievement booklet and can also purchase a badge and certificate. It should therefore take up to 2 years to achieve all six, awards and then your babies/toddlers can move to the more advanced Stanley Awards Programme which commences from 2 years old.
Please click on one of the award types below to view further details or purchase your badge & certificate.

Baby Swimmers Swim Programme

1 award series, 3 awards
View details

International Learn to Swim Programme

9 award series, 47 awards
View details
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Are changing facilities clean and safe?
Is the pool temperature within guidelines?
Is the water clear and clean?
Is the emergency phone working?
Are rescue aids in position and in good condition?
Is the lighting working?
Is the swimming equipment clean?
Has teacher/parents/children confirmed they are in good health and symptom free?
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Have touch points been sanitised before and after each class?
Is COVID-19 Signage and distance markers in place?
Is equipment being cleaned in the water after each class?