Benefits of baby swimming

Baby swimming has so many benefits – for both of you – that it's hands-down one of the best things you can do with your little one from when they're just a few weeks old.

Benefits for your baby

It goes without saying that teaching your little one how to be safe in and around water is a skill that could help to save their life one day.
But taking your little one to regular baby swimming lessons has lots more benefits for their overall development and wellbeing, too.

Great for their brain development

Incredibly, your baby’s brain develops more rapidly during the first year than at any other time of life, and physical movement plays an important role in this.
The different exercises used in teaching your baby to swim are all excellent for improving their co-ordination; while learning to respond to verbal cues, such as ‘reach’, ‘hold on’, ‘turn and swim to mummy/daddy’, helps make them more alert.
Research* shows that all this increased brain stimulation eventually leads to enhanced learning.

Fantastic for their physical development

Because your baby uses so many more muscles when they're swimming than when they’re on dry land, it gives their little bodies a complete workout and is a great way to strengthen their heart and lungs.
Swimming also strengthens those developing arm, leg and neck muscles, while reaching for toys helps stimulate the natural movement of their arms and legs.
You'll probably also notice that they sleep & eat better after a swim!

Helps with emotional development

The physical contact of being held in the water by you is superb for enhancing the bond between you and your baby (so you’ll both enjoy the benefits). And once they learn how to move around in the water by themselves, you’ll enjoy seeing their independence and self-confidence grow.
Your baby will start interacting with other babies as they join in the fun and games, which is great for developing their social skills; and as they get older, you’ll soon find they’re singing along to the songs (though we can’t promise we’ll make singers out of them!).
* The Early Years Swimming Project at Griffith University

Benefits for you

And the benefits for you?

Nurture the bonding process between you and your baby

The skin-to-skin contact of holding your baby in water is, quite simply, a fantastic bonding experience It’s also amazing seeing your little one swim to you underwater (if you’re happy to pop your head under the water with a pair of goggles on). While activities like helping them to float on their back as you sing ‘twinkle, twinkle, little star’ while gazing down at them, and the trust they develop in you as the lessons progress, all enhance that bond even further.

Improve your overall wellbeing

When your life is suddenly turned upside down with the arrival of a new baby, it can sometimes be difficult to motivate yourself to get out of the house.
Having a structured activity to go to each week helps give you that little push you might need - plus you get to meet other like-minded parents and form lasting friendships as your babies grow.
What’s more, your baby’s not the only one who’ll get a workout – all that lifting them in the air and swirling them round is all good exercise for you, too!
Find your nearest class and come swimming, be safe and have fun!
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